Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prediction of products of electrolysis

The products of electrolysis of aqueous salt solution can be predicted. Ikut je step kat atas ni, insyaAllah, anda akan dapat jawapannya. 

Ex: 2.0 mol dm-3 sodium chloride is electrolysed using carbon electrodes. Predict the ions will be discharged at anode and cathode respectively.
1. List down all the ions present in the solution.
Cations: Na+ , H+   
Anions : OH- , CL-
2.3. Inert electrodes but concentrated solution is used. Thus the factor cocentration is concerned.
4. Cathode :  H+ ions are selectively discharged due to lower position in ES. (What is ES?)
    Anode   : Cl- ions are selectively discharged because its concentration is higher than OH- ions. 

*Kalau tak faham tanya okay :)

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